Villa Méditerranée

France - Marseille
Stefano Boeri, Ivan Di Pol et Jean-Pierre Manfredi

Glass indoor partitions with a resistance to fire

France - Marseille

Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS ensures the safety of the occupants in the beautiful Villa Méditerranée in Marseille while bringing luminosity and openness to the space.

Crédits photos Promat - ©

This spectacular platform for exchange and discovery of 10,000m² is a true architectural landmark: floors submerged or between sky and sea, culminating in a cantilever of 40 meters. The summit area very bright, large capacity, is dedicated to thematic exhibitions. All fire safety factors for its visitors had to be flawlessly integrated into the architecture. A passageway for the public and evacuation has been conducted along the cantilever. The entire inner wall is equipped with fire-resistant glass partitions using Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS (EI 60), without frame work. Further proof that light, elegance and fire safety are perfectly reconcilable.