Les Terrasses du Port

France - Marseille
4A Architectes (Atelier Aquitain d’Architectes Associés)
23 000 m² de PROMATECT®-L500 et 300 m² de PROMATECT®-H

Ventilation and smoke extraction ducts

Partition walls

France - Marseille

Already being a part of the most ambitious urban renewal projects of Euro Méditerranée, such as MuCEM and Villa Méditerranée, Promat is again part of the latest creation, Les Terrasses du Port.

Credits Promat - © www.tristandeschamps.com

Promat products are being used in this building project, designed by architects 4A, the first shopping center by the sea in Marseille: Les Terrasses du Port.

Thus 23,000m² of PROMATECT®-L500 is being used for the ventilation duct systems and current smoke extraction ducts. The fire protection requirements needed exceeded standard sizes (up to 3m x 3m). These plates are also used for the shuttering of wiring systems and fire stability of metal structure shop windows.

To secure the walls of the emergency stairs, a vertical freestanding wall 300m² of PROMATECT®-H ensures fire resistance according to EI 120.

In short, Les Terrasses du Port provide the necessary protection against the risk of fire to their clients.