Parktoren Spoor Noord in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium - Antwerp
Architectenbureau ELD

Vertical air ducts

Belgium - Antwerp

The project developer,Sea Coast realised Parktoren, a unique concept of living near Antwerp's city centre, Park Spoor Noord. The Parktoren project consists of 360 residential units, 120 serviced residences and 240 students studios. Residents can enjoy the greenery of the park. Also, they have easy access to all the facilities a city centre has to offer. Parktoren is just steps away from the centre of Antwerp, Antwerp student campuses, Het Eilandje and the Antwerp museum, the MAS.

Vertical air channels with a resistance against the propagation of fire

To ensure fire safety in high-rise, the architectural firm ELD provides vertical air with a resistance to fire propagation. These ducts with a total area of 400 m2 were expertly fitted by the AFA firm. The vertical air ducts consist of PROMATECT®-L500 boards of 52 mm, and have a resistance to fire propagation Ro 2h.

Ventilation and smoke ducts are mostly placed in tall buildings and underground parking. In a compartmentalized building the compartment boundaries are often pierced for a variety of installations, such as air and smoke extraction ducts. If one finds no special way of fitting these facilities, the fire can easily spread to other compartments.

The general rules for vertical and horizontal enclosures are the same. A vertical enclosure, however, distinguishes itself by the way it is attached to the building shell. At the placement consoles and support strips will be used.

From September 2015, the first residents will occupy the Parktoren.