OCDE Headquarters

France - Paris
SCAU Macary, Menu et Delamain / Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners

Fire resistant glass partitions

France - Paris

PROMAT secures the OCDE Headquarters with its glass partitions using Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS and Hoba® doors.

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The glass partitions with Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS are an ideal method to favor a modern architecture, preserving the quality and promote fire safety. Thus, 120m² glass partitions with Promat® SYSTEMGLAS allowed to compartmentalize the canteen, providing a feeling of unlimited perspective and an amazing ambient light while protecting agains fire. All the rooms of the headquarters combined have more than 300m² of Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS, framework for 50 fire doors with a ½ hour of fire resistance, 36 full glass doors, single and double leaf, 21 mm thick, with a Hoba® wood frame fire ½ hour fire resistant.