Lycée hôtelier Emilie du Châtelet

France - Serris
Badia Berger Architectes

Walls and fireproof ceilings for humid rooms

France - Serris

10,000m² of MASTERIMPACT®-RH provide passive protection against fire in the kitchens of the hotel school Emilie du Châtelet.

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Covering an area of 14,350 m² spread over three floors, the hotel school Émilie du Châtelet values a high environmental quality (HQE). Promat has been selected to ensure compartmentalization with MASTERIMPACT®-RH in the kitchens of the school and the learning quarters. This major project required the installation of 10 000 m² of partitions using the Promat board MASTERIMPACT®-RH fixed on a metal frame and capable of providing fire protection for 1 hour. MASTERIMPACT®-RH does not deteriorate over time or rot regardless of weather conditions.