Promat®-WRAP is a grey, silica-wash treated e-glass cloth, which is bonded and mechanically fixed to the outer face of galvanised or stainless steel ductwork. The cloth or the fabric is less than 0.5 mm thick and adds virtually nothing to the overall weight of the uninsulated steel duct sections. Promat have developed and succesfully tested a wide range of fire-resistant ductwork system using Promat®-WRAP.

Promat®-WRAP Fire Resistant Duct Systems are designed to be used as normal ventilation ducts, smoke extract ducts, pressurisation ducts or kitchen extract ducts with fire resistance periods of up to 4 hours when tested to BS476: Part24: 1987 (ISO 6944:1985). 


  • Tested to British Standards
  • Fire resistance from 1-4 hours as both Duct Type A and Duct Type B
  • Lightweight uninsulated system occupies minimal space
  • Suitable for Underground/Metro installations
  • Good impact strength
  • Usually no need to upgrade ductwork or hangers reducing time, wastage and cost