PAINT - Structural Steel Protection


• Durable and decorative finish
• Steelwork may be left exposed to view
• Chemical and abuse resistant
• Easy application


Promat intumescent paints are waterborne intumescent coating consisting of resins and fillers and is designed for the fire protection of structural steelwork. In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place, causing the materials to expand and form an insulating layer, which prevents the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical level.

For normal interior application, Promat intumescent paints can be used without any additional, decorative top coat. For exterior, semi-exposed or high ambient humidity applications, the addition of a topcoat is necessary.

Promat intumescent paints can be specifically used in areas where the application of solvent-based products are perceived to be an environmental hazard. Examples of such areas are; hospitals, health care centres, schools, public buildings or in fact any buildings that are occupied or attached to occupied areas. Promat intumescent paint is preferably spray applied with airless paint equipment for speed and quality of finish. Brush and roller application is also possible.


 cafco sprayfilm wb3 promat productCafco SPRAYFILM® WB3  intumescent paint promapaint sc3 PROMAPAINT®-SC3