• Designed to compliment other Promat systems
  • A wide range of solutions for virtually every penetration
  • Space saving and effective

The fundamental premise of modern fire protection is based on the principles of compartmentation. Every building is designed into several compartments, to prevent or slow the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment walls, ceilings and floors. These have the potential to seriously risk the integrity of the fire compartments unless special and proven fire stopping systems are employed. Promat fire stopping systems restore the fire compartment to its original levels of fire performance.

The systems are not only designed to stop the fire but also to prevent the travel of smoke through a building. This is helping people to escape through smoke-free safety routes and let fire brigades better do their jobs.

Promat provides a number of integrated and effective fire stopping solutions and these include the successful and easy PROMASTOP® and PROMASEAL® systems;

• fire stopping sealants
• intumescent fire stopping sealants
• fire stopping silicone
• water-based coatings
• fire stopping collars for plastic and metal pipes
• fire stopping expanding wraps
• fire stopping mortars


firestopping jointFire-rated joint system