CEILING - Fire Compartmentation


  • Time & Cost Effectiveness
  • Slimwalls
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Impact Resistant
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Fire Resistance Performance

Promat carries a wide range of fire resistant ceiling systems with fire resistance of up to 240 minutes. Generally, Promat’s ceiling and floor systems provide horizontal fire barriers to prevent vertical spread of fire. Promat’s ceiling systems have been extensively tested and assessed to provide resistance to fire from above, below or above and below.

The system design depends on performance requirements but in overall terms, Promat’s ceiling systems can be divided into the following categories.

Self-supporting Membrane Ceilings
These are normally non loadbearing and, depending on the type of construction, are used to provide protection from fire attack from below and/or above. Ceiling panels are fixed into a steel or timber framing system spanning and supported between two walls.

Suspended Membrane Ceilings
These are normally non-loadbearing and are used to provide protection from fire attack from below. The ceilings generally incorporate steel grid systems suspended from a structure.


calcium silicate fireproof board PROMATECT®-H


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