Who are we?

Promat is a global leader in the dynamic business of sophisticated fire science technologies. It is a proactive link in the worldwide network of Etex, whose consolidated turnover closed financial 2015 in excess of €3 billion. The Group’s presence is deeply rooted in 43 countries, 118 production sites and it employs more than 17,000 professionals dedicated to making the increasingly complex built environment a better place for all to live, work and prosper.

Promat is synonymous international quality. Its tried, tested and proven products and systems are nowadays effectively at work throughout many building and construction projects, marine and important oil & gas industries. The company also has a specialised reputation for bringing the same high levels of quality fire performance and risk accountability to many different types of tunnel applications and underground structures.

Only Promat offers the kind of in-depth expertise that comes from six decades of cutting edge R&D…it’s an unrivalled Knowledge Centre second to none in protecting precious human life and expensive property against the ravages of uncontrolled fire, smoke and fumes, and heat.

What we do?

For our customers we provide sustainable Fire Protection and High Performance Insulation solutions, using advanced PromaX-technologies in order to protect and secure lives and values. Promat develops unique solutions for the construction and industrial markets providing safety and savings in energy. A highly qualified team of experts develops new products, new generation of existing products and improves the quality of products manufactured in different factories around the world for the leader-ship in Fire Protection and High Performance Insulation markets.

Promat products are used for the construction of air-ducts, the encasement of structural steel profiles, walls, ceilings, the protection of electricity cables, etc., but Promat also offers a wide range of associated products like fire-resistant glass, fire-stopping products that intumesce in the event of fire, special fire protection mortar, pipe collars for combustible (PVC) pipes, fire rated mastics and a great deal more. These building materials are the basis of Promat's fire protection structures and systems and offers a unique combination of product benefits: exceptional strength, impact and moisture resistance, ease of working, installation and safety in use.