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Promat is a brand of Etex, a Belgian industrial group manufacturing high-quality building materials and insulation systems. Promat can supply solutions to the majority of Passive Fire Protection and High Performance Thermal Insulation. 

We offer products and solutions for Building, Oil and Gas, Heavy Industry, Tunnels, Marine and for effective insulation for high and low temperatures, acoustic, impact and humidity resistance needs.


promat passive fire protection products
For information on our comprehensive range of 
Promat products to be used in fire rated systems
to reach passive fire protection from 30 minutes up
to 4 hours.


fire protection solutions Promat
For information on extensively tested solutions
for firestopping, fire protection of structural steel and
concrete protection, ceilings, floors, partitions, doors,
walls and fire rated ducts.


promat fire protection documents
A complete set of documents that will help you 
specify the appropriate passive fire protection
products and applications for your project.

Fire Protection for Oil and Gas Industry

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